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  Squad News- Alpha 14 Patch Notes
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:39 AM - Forum: Squad News - No Replies

Alpha 14 Patch Notes

Hey squaddies,


Bet you didn’t expect to see Alpha 14 so soon! We’ve been working hard to get patches out more quickly and the results are paying off. Speaking off, let’s check out the latest bounty of changes:




The ragdoll system has been updated to improve the overall look when a soldier goes into the ragdoll state, such as when incapacitated or run over by a vehicle. Soldiers getting hit by vehicles should look more realistic, and there should be less twitching of corpses in most cases. However, as this is still a work in progress, there may still be an occasional visual glitch.


This upgrade introduces a variety of hotfixes implemented to the version implemented in Alpha 13. A full list of engine fixes can be found here.




This new game mode has two teams facing off to capture contiguous hex tiles across a map and will continue to evolve through the next few versions of Squad. Territory Control consists of a grid of hexagonal regions, which function like capture zones, anchored by a “key territory” hex for each team as the base of their grid. If a group of hexes is disconnected from this key territory, or the territory itself is contested, a team will need to recapture it before claiming any new territories. The status of a hex is hidden by the fog of war until a team controls an adjacent hex, cloaking enemy movements until conflict erupts.


This new game mode is in the early stages of development and will be evolving through the next few versions.


A few key rules for gameplay:

  • A neutral hex requires one player to capture. A contested hex must be neutralized and captured by at least three players.
  • An enemy hex takes 40 seconds to neutralized and a neutral hex takes 40 seconds to capture.
  • Capturing a hex unlocks all adjacent (bordering) hex zones for capture.
  • Bleed: For every two hex zones captured beyond owning 60% of all hexes, the enemy will start bleeding 1 ticket per minute with a maximum of 5 tickets per minute for 10+ hexes captured beyond 60%.
  • When a team captures 95% of all hexes, that team instantly wins.
  • Losing all tickets will cause a team to lose the round.


  • Defenders will win with a time-out even if they have fewer tickets than the Attackers. For the Attackers to win, they will need to either completely drain the Defenders tickets or fully capture all flags in the map.
  • Tweaked starting tickets: 150 for attackers and 600/700/800 for defenders on corresponding 4/5/6 flag layouts



The M3 MAAWS (or Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) is the American adoption of the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle developed in Sweden shortly after World War 2. The M3 can fire a variety of different ammunition, making it a very diverse weapon system. The optic mounted on the weapon system can either be used to calculate drop in 100m increments or be directly zeroed to the desired range. The M3 can fire High Explosive Anti Tank, Heavy Tandem HEAT, and Smoke rounds. This has replaced the AT4 as the US Army Heavy Anti Tank weapon.


Russian Ground Forces will now receive the AK74 Bayonet, which replaces the older AKM bayonet model.


  • Major overhaul of the M4 weapon series, updating it visually to modern art standards and details.
  • Improving ladder sight mount on the M4 M203, making it easier to aim with the ladder sight and giving it more ranging options.
  • Added a non-functioning cosmetic PEQ-15 laser module to all US Army primary weapons.
  • Added deployable bipods to the US Army M110 marksman rifle and the British L129A1 sharpshooter rifle.
  • Buffed British AT4 variant’s penetration capability to 600mm RHA, British are now using the ILAW High Penetration variant.
  • Debuffed the US AT4’s penetration capability to 420mm RHA, assigned it as a secondary US Army LAT.
  • Fixed zeroing text appearing incorrectly as 300m on the SA80 SUSATs (should be 100m)
  • Tweaked the sight picture for the RPG29, making it easier to aim with.
  • Fixed M72A7 LAW using incorrect ADS fire animation.
  • Fixed some US Army Squad Leader roles not having tracers on their M4s.






The FV4034 Challenger 2 is the main battle tank of the British Army and holds a crew of 4 (Driver, Gunner, Commander, and Loader). This tank sports a stabilized 120mm rifled main gun capable of firing armor-piercing SABOT rounds, High Explosive, and Smoke rounds. In addition to its main cannon, the tank also has a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for self-defense. The commander has access to a high-powered optical periscope featuring hunter-killer functionality with the gunner. The loader’s position has a Remote Weapon Station with a 7.62mm GPMG slewed to it, allowing for additional anti-personnel firepower should the need arise.




This Soviet-made IFV was developed in the 1960s and is now featured in Militia and Insurgent arsenals. This vehicle seats 3 crew (Driver, Gunner, and Commander) and can hold up to 8 passengers, plus 4 riding on top.  Putting public transit to shame, this vehicle has a 73mm smoothbore cannon capable of firing projectiles similar to that of the SPG9 recoilless rifle. As such it has access to High Explosive Anti-Tank and Fragmentation rounds for its main gun, as well as a PKT coaxial machine gun. An additional Malyutka-P missile adds a slow, but devastating wire-guided option for enemy armor.




  • Added Loaders Cupola station to the T62 tank. This is a manually operated DsHK mounted onto an anti-aircraft style mount which allows for 360 traverse and high angle engagements and gives the T62 tank additional firepower by adding another station for the crew to go into.
  • Updated T72B3’s commander cupola station artwork.
  • Adjusted M2 Bradley, FV432, FV510, MTLB, T62, T72B3, and M1A2 Abrams front and rear wheel suspension to make it less likely to get stuck.
  • Fixed physics collision shapes on some vehicles that caused them to get easily stuck on terrain or objects.
  • Tweaked default physmat friction values which were way too high and therefore causing vehicles to get stuck more easily.
  • Fixed T62 tank’s engine throttle being a bit inconsistent.
  • Fixed MTLB Insurgent variant track collision location being in the wrong place.
  • Added a range card to the Rocket Artillery Technical gunner HUD.
  • Added bullet drop compensator to the reticle for the BTR80/BRDM2’s KPVT machine gun and MTLB 6MB/BTR82A’s 30mm 2A72 cannon.
  • Fixed players that got shot off from gunner seat of the ZU23 AA Truck not being able to be revived.


  • All emplacement weapons now retain their rotations when the player has exited them. This includes mortars as well.


  • Added a short introduction animation with voice-over upon joining a team.
  • Added an end of round card showing team ticket scores that includes music and voice-over to smooth the transition going from the end of the game to the scoreboard.
  • Added the first iteration of a voice command radial menu that allows players to give simple voice-over call-outs. At the moment, only American English is available but more voices will be added in later.
  • Added a “Medic” voice command call button for when you’re incapacitated on the ground.
  • Added a progress bar for when you are building deployables and repairing vehicles.
  • Added a key help list for players in a vehicle to show the available keys and features that are in that particular vehicle seat.
  • Added Game Mode help cards upon joining a server.





Nestled in between the massive fjords of Western Norway, the tranquil village of Uskedalen and the island of Skorpo are seen as a key strategic battleground to gain control of the North Sea passages. Narrow, windy roads and dark tunnels follow the coastline and are treacherous bottlenecks for any mechanized force. Keeping your supply lines open is also difficult given there not being much room to maneuver. Utilizing the varying elevation of the landscape and hidden forest roads will yield many advantages, but be aware that the enemy might also have the same idea.






Skorpo will feature AAS, RAAS, Invasion, Skirmish, and the brand new Territory Control game modes.




  • Chora: gameplay improvements for vehicles, including widening the driving lanes and bridges, widening holes in walls, removing some frustrating obstacles, adding rock cover in open areas, and smoothing some of the roughest bumps in the terrain.
  • Kokan: Updated foliage.
  • Fixed collisions on several map objects and rocks to prevent exploits.
  • Re-attached power lines on numerous maps.
  • Fixed some buildings on Narva that changed color at distance; a few more still to fix.
  • Fixed interiors on Sumari so objects have correct materials displayed.
  • Fixed Logar Insurgency v1 wrong location of INS main base flag.
  • Fixed Logar Insurgency v1 Night having the wrong team for INS protection zone.
  • Fixed Belaya AAS and Invasion layers RU vehicles at RU main to spawn flipped or upside down.
  • Fixed Tallil Invasion v2 having East/West Khidir named incorrectly.
  • Fixed Gorodok having a couple of floating metal beams on the train.
  • Fixed some shipping containers on Logar switching colors as you moved nearer or further away from them.
  • Adjusted Belaya AASv1 tickets to 300/300 (from 250/250).
  • Kamdesh Invasion v3 set defenders to 700 tickets.
  • Kokan AAS_v1, AAS_v2 and RAAS_v1 updated tickets to 250/250.
  • Logar AAS_v1 and RAAS_v1 updated tickets to 250/250.
  • Mestia AAS_v1, AAS_v2 and RAAS_v1 set tickets to 250/250.
  • Sumari AAS_v2, AAS_v3 and RAAS_v1 increased tickets 250/250.
  • Tallil Outskirts RAAS_v3 set to 250/250 tickets.
  • Added BMP1 to the following layers:
    • AlBasrah_Invasion_v1
    • AlBasrah_Invasion_v2
    • AlBasrah_RAAS_v1
    • Belaya_AAS_v3
    • FoolsRoad_AAS_v4
    • FoolsRoad_AAS_v5
    • FoolsRoad_RAAS_v1
    • Gorodok_Invasion_v2
    • Jensens_Range_v1
    • Jensens_Range_v2
    • Jensens_Range_v3
    • Mestia_RAAS_v1
    • Kamdesh_Insurgency_v2
    • Kamdesh_Invasion_v2
    • Kohat_Insurgency_v1
    • Kohat_Invasion_v1
    • Kohat_Invasion_v2
    • Skorpo_Invasion_v1
    • Sumari_Insurgency_v1
    • Tallil_Outskirts_AAS_v3
    • Tallil_Outskirts_Invasion_v2
    • Yehorivka_Invasion_v1
  • Added FV4032 (Challenger) to the following layers:
    • AlBasrah_Invasion_v2
    • Belaya_AAS_v3
    • Belaya_Invasion_v3
    • FoolsRoad_AAS_v5
    • Gorodok_AAS_v3
    • Gorodok_RAAS_v2
    • Jensens_Range_v1
    • Kamdesh_Invasion_v2
    • Kamdesh_RAAS_v2
    • Narva_Invasion_v2
    • Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v4
    • Yehorivka_AAS_v3
    • Yehorivka_Invasion_v3
    • Yehorivka_RAAS_v3


  • Fixed mortar, UGL grenades and rocket projectiles not dealing damage if the shooter was killed after launching the projectile.
  • Optimized certain aspects of the vehicle code dealing with closed turrets.
  • Optimized the way HUD UI is drawn and updated.
  • Fixed Insurgent/Militia Vehicle Repair station mesh having an overlapped US/GB repair station mesh on it
  • Fixed ambient smoke columns stopping emission of smoke randomly.
  • Fixed C4 explosions not displaying when detonated on asphalt and gravel.
  • Fixed a client crash when launching the Shooting Range.


  • Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on a local server running Jensen’s Range.


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  Arma 3 News- Arma continued to sell well in 2017
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:39 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

Arma continued to sell well in 2017

BI's continued work on DLC's not only kept Arma on the minds of gamers, they helped the game make Steam's 'Gold' category for sales in 2017!!!!


Its also in the second category of most played in 2017 as seen here


Congrats BI!!!!!!!


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  Arma 3 News- Arma 3 ranks in PC Gamers top 100 Games for 2017
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:20 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

Arma 3 ranks in PC Gamers top 100 Games for 2017

Didn't slip by much at all! Congrats BI!!!



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  Squad News- Alpha 13 Survey Review
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:20 AM - Forum: Squad News - No Replies

Alpha 13 Survey Review

Hey squaddies,


Starting with the test of Alpha 13, we put out a survey, and then followed it up as Alpha 13 went into broader distribution. We’ve been reviewing the data and wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned. A note before we begin: due to our development schedule, there’s likely to be about (roughly) a patch delay between surveys and any changes implemented based on their results. We want to make sure we’re doing due diligence on analysis and planning. Without further ado, let’s look at some numbers!


It should come as no surprise that veteran squaddies put on a strong showing — nearly 90% of about 1200 respondents in the first survey had played over 100 hours, with about 33% having played more than 1000 hours. The second survey had over 4000 responses with about 75% of them having played more than 100 hours. With that in mind, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of experience going into the feedback and we appreciate the experts and newcomers alike!


While we’d love to think so, it’s probably better to go directly to the data before we start patting ourselves on the back. Fortunately, it looks like most of you are enjoying Alpha 13. While it’s not without its flaws, both surveys show about the same, generally positive ratings. A response of 8 out of 10 is the most common for both surveys, 36.9% and 35.6% respectively. If we look at only scores of 7 or better, 91.6% of the people responding to the first survey are represented; 89.3% of respondents rated Alpha 13 the same way in the second survey.



We’ve also seen this reflected in player counts, especially in successive weekend highs. It may be a matter of having fresh content, so we’re going to continue to monitor those trends as well. And keep releasing new content, of course.


Just in case you were curious, a total of 34 people across both surveys felt this was the WORST PATCH EVER. We’re sorry you’re not having a good time right now, but we are extremely grateful to you for providing your candid response. We’ll continue to work hard to bring the best possible experience for Squaddies.




A focus for vocal debate across all points of the community, we were extremely interested to see how people were feeling about the implementation of the buddy rally system. As an experimental feature, we really appreciate all of your thoughts and feedback. Even those of you that dislike it were by and large willing to suggest alternatives or tweaks in a constructive way. Let’s dig into the numbers again.


The first survey asked players to rate their satisfaction with the system and ended up with a pretty balanced split: 27.2% rated it a one, while 23.5% of responses gave it a five. Put another 19.4% smack dab in the middle. If you consider a 3 or better a “passing grade,” about 60% of players were okay with the system, especially with some tweaks.



Fast forward to the wider release, we rephrased the question a bit to ask, “Do you want this feature to stay in Squad?” The results came in with 45.8% voting Yes, I want it to stay, 20.7% Yes, but with modifications, and another 12.6% that voted from the Neutral Planet. While it’s not necessarily a direct comparison, these results put the buddy rally at about 79% at the “passing grade” level.

Here’s some sample feedback:


“No, I think it should be removed. With Helicopters coming, I prefer to make them the most efficient way of means of transportation rather relying on another squads rally. The rally should be a backup spawn. HABs are the main spawn points. If you lose the HAB and rally you should be punished by spawning on main.”


“I think the concept is great and has improved PUB games and even COMP games. The times you can place it is too much. I think the changes should be that it has a cooldown timer on the buddy rally system and a squad leader cannot pop it every time he dies. (E.g., a 5-minute timer before you can buddy rally.)”


“Buddy rally should be a comeback mechanic tied into commander.”


Alpha 13 introduced the removal of the penalty for being revived, meaning that players are no longer instantly dead when harmed after being revived. We wanted to know if players preferred being able to revive their squadmates from incapacitation, or if they preferred the previous “dead dead” scenario. (“Dead dead” is a technical term. Trust us.)



For the first survey, it seems folks weren’t especially enamored of it, but it was more of a mixed bag than anything. 45.4% didn’t like this change, 36.4% do, and those pesky neutrals clocked in at 13.3% again. Sounds like more than a few of you really want to see your squadmates down for good. What did they ever do to you?!


We did a little rewording again for the second survey because we hadn’t yet pioneered the neologism of dead dead. It may have made some difference: 57.8% decided that it was something to keep, though that includes the 21.6% that would like to see some changes. Some of the fence-sitters fell off, dropping indifferent responses to 11.5%.


Another hotly debated aspect of Alpha 13 is the increase to movement speed. Initially, it caused a lot of hubbub, but after some animation tweaks, we felt like most people were getting comfortable with the changes. Does the data agree?



The initial survey asked players to rate the changes to speed on a 1-10 scale, with 5 being “just right,” 1 hoping for a slower speed, and 10 looking for faster movement speed. The results turned out not too dissimilar from your standard bell curve with 36.4% of folks thinking it was just right. About 34% would like to see soldiers moving faster while, you guessed it, about 30% wanted it slower. Maybe it wasn’t the best wording, so let’s see how it went in the second survey.


The question was rephrased as, “Soldier moment speed has been increased in A13, what is your preference? 66.6% of you little devils prefer the speed as Alpha 13 introduced it, though only 4% wanted to see it faster. 20% of people responding wanted to see movement seen decreased to something in between Alpha 12 and Alpha 13. Less than 150 of you were indifferent, so we seem to have shaken off some of the neutral invaders from previous questions.


Speed wasn’t the only change; momentum was tweaked as well. These two systems together play a fairly important role in how soldier movement feels, so asking one without the other wouldn’t provide an accurate picture. Let’s see if the numbers clear anything up a bit.


In the first survey, the results were some of the most evenly divided so far: About 37% of people responding liked the change, another 31% were indifferent, with the last 28%ish being against the changes. Players were often voicing concerns about “zig-zag” spam and a cartoony feel. On the positive side, some players felt it was performing better on their machines.


Skipping ahead a few weeks to the results of the second survey, some better wording in the question may have helped elucidate the answers. About 49% of responses preferred less momentum as offered by Alpha 13, with an additional (mere) 3.6% wanting even less. Players that prefer less momentum and players that are indifferent square off at 23.3% and 24.4% respectively, oddly enough!


One more component to movement is, of course, player stamina. Managing your stamina pool is pretty key to getting around the battlefield, especially if you want to do so alive. In Alpha 13, stamina regenerates faster but is also consumed more quickly. We were extremely curious about how this change faired. Both surveys turned up the same results, with the only distinct difference being a drop in people who outright did not like it. About 57% of people were content with stamina in Alpha 13, and only 12-15% disliked it outright.

As you might guess, the folks that want changes want both regeneration and consumption to be faster… and slower. Interestingly, most people only suggested one or the other, not both!


If we’re being honest, the results on this one were a bit of a surprise — we expected a lot more controversy. Adjusting the user interface is not taken lightly, as people come to rely on it. Still, we’re constantly looking for ways to make it more useful, make the game a little less stressful, and get the right information front and center. In this case, Alpha 13 moved the stamina bar to the center of the screen. Moving into the second survey, “Yes” votes gained an additional 20%, putting the total at 51.8%. Another 22.3% of people remained neutral — down from 23.9% in the first survey.


A huge thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out either survey! We’re going to continue to try to improve our polling techniques, analysis, and reporting on them. We hope you’ll continue to participate as we really appreciate your help in shaping the future of Squad.


We know you’re going to have some feedback, so be sure to hit up the comments!


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  Squad News- New Wallpaper
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:10 AM - Forum: Squad News - No Replies

New Wallpaper

Be advised, squaddies:


Intel indicates a new armored threat is active in our AO. Stand by for follow-on images.




3840×2160 (32mb)

3440 × 1440 (19mb)

1920×1080 (8mb)




3840 x 2160  (32mb)

3440 × 1440 (19mb)

1920×1080 (8mb)


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  Arma 3 News- ArmA3 Apex Giveaway
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 03:10 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

ArmA3 Apex Giveaway

In celebration of 15 years of OFP/ArmA and as a lil bonus to BIS an 1 lucky person I've decided to buy another copy of Apex and give it away to one lucky person. Persons interested in submitting for this must have base game ArmA3 (not already own Apex) an sumbit a submission here with there correct steam name. Will run this for 1 day only! (9am US central standard time/6/23/2016).

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  Squad News- Alpha 13.1 Released
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 02:59 AM - Forum: Squad News - No Replies

Alpha 13.1 Released

Hey soldiers!


We’ve got a small update to address some of the more pernicious issues in Alpha 13. Check out the changes:


  • Fixed stabilization for vehicles.
  • Fixed a regression in the engine causing vehicles to flip more easily.
  • Fixed a client and server crash on destruction of the 30mm MTLB variant via TOW or HAT.
  • Fixed an engine crash that happened if required files to play the introduction movie were missing.
  • Fixed RCON on Linux servers.



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  Arma 3 News- Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Invitation
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 02:59 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Invitation

Hi everyone,


After more than four years of post-release development, the Arma 3 team is gradually moving onto new projects here at Bohemia Interactive. This includes the development of new games, as well as the development of the technology and tools that will power our future projects. Of course, we've not yet reached the final destination on the current Arma 3 roadmap, and with Tac-Ops and Tanks DLC on the way, there's still a lot to look forward to!


Beyond that, as we'll be investing our resources into the longer-term future, it means that Arma 3 Tanks will most likely be our final, official, DLC release. Of course, we'll still be supporting the Arma 3 platform with updates afterwards. However, these should not involve major changes to the game's core architecture, which also makes it less likely for such updates to cause compatibility issues, and helps us to ensure a more stable platform overall. Regardless, thanks to our dedicated community, we're convinced that Arma 3 will remain active and relevant for many more years. Yet to help Arma 3 continue its life as a constantly evolving platform, there's one other idea that we wish to pursue. Namely, we'd like to work with external development teams, including the splendid developers in our community, to publish their Arma 3 projects as third-party premium DLC on Steam.


As most of you probably already know, Arma 3 Jets DLC was the first opportunity for us to become familiar with third-party development partnerships. This DLC was developed together with BRAVO ZERO ONE STUDIOS (B01) - an external team led by Make Arma Not War winner Joshua "Saul" Carpenter. To put it simply, B01 developed the premium assets like the new jets and carrier, while our own development team took care of the related free platform features such as the sensor overhaul. It was a very challenging, but also satisfying and successful project. And even though we don't have the resources to directly support the development of any future third-party DLC (unlike the more cross-collaborative approach to Jets DLC), the overall experience has made us confident about extending this opportunity to other external developers.


Furthermore, this opportunity also connects with our belief that quality content creators, including the talented developers in our community, deserve a financial reward for their hard work - and facilitating this would eventually lead to many benefits for everyone. At the same time, we're also very keen to preserve everything that makes community content and modding such a beloved component of our series. For this reason, let us already point out a few things:

  • We'll be looking to select and publish new projects, but also existing projects that would be able to scale up in quality/quantity as a result of being published as a premium DLC. However, we'll always insist that any existing free Arma 3 addons and mods remain free. In other words, third-party DLC we publish should never replace something which was previously free.
  • Different from Arma 3's official DLC so far, this new third-party premium DLC would always be an optional installation. This means you only download the DLC data after you've purchased the third-party DLC pack - and so if you didn't purchase and install the additional content, you wouldn't see it listed in Arma 3's main menu or in the Editor's content browser.
  • As mentioned earlier, we'll not be able to offer development support for third-party DLC. However, we will provide guidelines on technical and quality requirements, assist with the Quality Assurance process, help with promotion and deliver the tools for mastering.
  • Lastly, we know from experience how difficult it can be to bring a project to completion. With that in mind, we currently anticipate that probably only a few third-party premium DLC packs will get published each year. Our intention is to ensure a steady flow of exciting new Arma 3 content over the next few years, while also making sure not to clutter the game with an excessive amount of premium DLC.

For now, we're mostly looking to get the ball rolling by inviting those who are interested in a collaboration to send us their DLC proposal. To do so, please send us your pitch (which should already include a working in-game prototype delivered as an Arma 3 mod) to [email protected]. After we've evaluated your concept and if we see potential, we can start discussing the details of the agreement, the development schedule, and anything else that might be relevant to your project. 


All in all, we know you'll have many more questions, and quite honestly, we might not have all the answers just yet. We're currently in the process of formulating the basic guidelines, and forming the team of people who will be guiding the entire process. We'll probably also be making some mistakes and all be learning as we go. However, in the end, our ambition is straightforward and clear: to establish a third-party publishing framework which benefits our content creators, our players, and our longer-term future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, we welcome you to share them with us. Thank you for your interest - we'll keep you informed as things progress!

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  Arma 3 News- ArmA 3 contest - Win your copy of Apex!
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 02:45 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

ArmA 3 contest - Win your copy of Apex!

After the gift made by hawkeye and lexx, it's my turn then.

I'll gift Apex to the one who makes the best promo video for my campaign "Twilight of the gods".

It can be found here:
Or here

(full campaign)

(split missions)

If you need the original editor files, drop a PM.

Contest is running until july 5.


Good luck!

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  Squad News- Alpha 13 Feedback Survey Update
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 02:40 AM - Forum: Squad News - No Replies

Alpha 13 Feedback Survey Update

Hey soldiers!


As many of you noticed, we’ve been polling for feedback via the in-game announcements recently and we wanted to give you a quick update on how that’s going.


As of today, we’ve collected a few thousand responses and have disabled new entries — stay tuned for the next one if you missed your chance!


Our next steps are to review that data, analyze it, report back, and assimilate it into Squad where possible.


This process is still pretty new, so we appreciate your patience as we give it its shakedown run, and we REALLY appreciate your participation in the survey. Thank you all so much for helping shape the future of Squad!


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  Squad News- SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (May 17, 10:00 AM PDT, 1700 UTC)
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SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (May 17, 10:00 AM PDT, 1700 UTC)

Hey squaddies!


We’re hosted another SquadChat this Friday, May 17th, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1700 UTC) at


Our guest was Phil Merricks, a producer on Squad. Part man, part UAV, Phil is a driving force behind Squad and where we’re going! He’ll also take your questions, so bring your curiosity.


We’ll also be sure to archive the SquadChat on the YouTube Playlist.


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  Arma 3 News- #Armachinima Awards Contest
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#Armachinima Awards Contest

Bohemia Interactive & NVIDIA present the #Armachinima Awards

Create the best cinematic Arma 3 video ever, win a top-tier NVIDIA graphics card



Channel your inner-Spielberg, get your Scott on, and unleash the Bayhem. Welcome to the #Armachinima Awards! In this new contest, we’re inviting you to deliver the best Arma 3 cinematic video ever created – to entertain the troops, and to win a top-tier NVIDIA graphics card!




What’s a machinima? The dictionary suggests: machinima / məˈʃɪnɪmə / noun: the practice or technique of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics. For the purpose of this contest, an ‘armachinima’ is a directed cinematic video using Arma 3 game graphics. Whether it’s long or short, a full-length feature film, a documentary, a trailer, or even just an ‘experience’ – every type of video is welcome, as long as they have cinematic qualities.

So prepare your storyboards, get ready to capture, enlist friends and family for (voice-)acting, and put the Eden Editor to use! But even if you’re not competing, you can participate by voting for the 10 nominees starting from February 14th. Afterwards, the Arma 3 development team will select 3 winners from the nominees, which will be announced in the beginning of March. Aside from glory, 1st place will be awarded a beastly NVIDIA GTX 1080, while 2nd and 3rd place will receive a magnificent NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card. The perfect prizes for those who are into gaming and video production! Additionally, all 10 nominees will receive an Arma 3 t-shirt.

To enter the contest, you simply need to send an e-mail to [email protected] with a YouTube link to your entry AND a download link to the video file itself. Be sure to also include your contact details. The submission deadline is February 13th 09:00 CET (GMT+1).

For more info on the #Armachinima Awards, as well as the full set of contest rules, be sure to check our website at We’ll also be updating this page with the latest entries, so check back regularly and prepare to vote from February 14th.

Good luck filmmakers, and for those watching, enjoy the show!

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed” – Stanley Kubrick

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  Squad News- Alpha 13 Patch Notes
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Alpha 13 Patch Notes

Hey soldiers!


It’s been a while coming, but we have the full list of changes coming to Alpha 13!  This patch grew to be a mighty one, having started at upgrading our Unreal Engine from 4.16 to 4.21 — no small jump! With it comes all sorts of new tools and updates to the engine that’ll benefit Squad, but there’s plenty of content landing in this update as well. We’re introducing new vehicles (and components!), a brand new role, new and enhanced modes, and all sorts of changes to systems and mechanics — including the return of ticket bleed.


Settle in for a good read, squaddies. Please note, you will need to uninstall mods to prevent crashing. 






Tracks and Wheels are now fully destroyable which enables players to inflict more granular damage to vehicles. For wheels, depending on the vehicle, they can be taken down by small arms fire, while tracks and APC wheels require .50 cal or greater. With each wheel that gets destroyed, more friction is applied, reducing the vehicle’s maximum top speed. The destroyed wheel’s rim still functions at reduced drive effectiveness. In addition, the vehicle will lean over as the supporting wheel is now gone. With tracks, as each gets destroyed, drive input from that track no longer functions. That means that if both tracks get destroyed, the vehicle is completely immobilized.


Combat Engineer Role


We’re introducing a new specialist role focused on demolitions, sabotage, and construction. The previous infantry deployables that were associated with some Riflemen roles to the Combat Engineer role, as well as outfitting them with anti-tank mines, and small demolition charges. The intent for this role is to perform quick demolitions on deployables and light vehicles, as well as ambushing vehicles and enforcing set no-go zones with their anti-tank mines. Combat Engineers can also build and destroy deployables faster compared to other roles.

For the Militia and Insurgents, the role that the Scout previously played will now be given to the ‘Sapper’. In addition to the normal combat engineer loadout and abilities, Sappers will be able to lay IEDs and decoy rocks. Note: Scout role will return in a future update with new inventory items.


  • Vehicle Wrecks are now destructible. You need to call your Combat Engineers in to demolish the wrecks with their explosive charges.
  • Added ability to rearm individual magazines, grenades, and inventory items. You’ll have the ability to rearm exactly what you need when you need it, as opposed to previously where you were completely unable to rearm if your ammo requirements exceeded what was available.



  • Added ability to request kit roles from Vehicles. APCs & IFVs will allow all roles to be requested just like FOB Ammo Crates. The ammo contained within the vehicle will be consumed when that new role is requested. Light Vehicles and Tanks will allow only crewman roles to be obtained. Note: this now enables all vehicles fast access to field repairs via the Crewman kit role’s repair tools.
  • Added visual hand signals for Squad Leader and Fireteam orders.
  • Added a hand action for when Squad Leaders are talking over command broadcast VOIP and direct SL-to-SL VOIP, allowing people to see when the Squad Leader is talking over those important channels.
  • Added head turning for vehicle passengers.
  • Added moving mouths while talking over VOIP.


  • Added more immersive animations when operating open turret and emplaced weapons.
  • Added idle and fidget animations for handheld weapons.
  • Added secondary animation on vehicles such as antenna and mud-flaps, and improved visual suspension on some vehicles.
  • Upgraded Unreal Engine version to 4.21.



Annotated map layer showing destruction progression


This the initial release of a new objective-based cache hunt game mode where Attackers have to destroy caches in multiple phases. Layers can have either 2 or 3 phases with 2 caches in each phase. There is a 3-minute delay between each phase to minimize rushing potential.


Cache locations are randomized within specified zones, requiring attacking teams to search the zone to locate the objective before destroying it.


Attackers get a 50 ticket bonus for each objective destroyed, as well as the round timer being extended. Defenders get a -10 Ticket penalty upon objective loss.


Defenders win the round if the Attackers do not complete all phases within the time limit, or run out of tickets.

Expect continued balancing and tweaks for future Destruction-layers based on gameplay feedback.


  • Each flag capture now gives +100 for attackers.
  • Starting tickets tweaked on several layers, expect continued ticket balancing for Invasion layers based on gameplay feedback.
  • Reduced the max number of Capture Points on Invasion layers to 6.
  • Added a variant of Invasion where the flag path is randomized, dubbed “Random Invasion” to some Invasion layers.


  • Objective Cache destruction gets 50 tickets for the attacking side, -10 for the defending side.
  • Attacking team starts with 200 tickets, and 600 for the Defending team.
  • Caches now also can be destroyed by Combat Engineer’s explosives.
  • Spawning on Caches is now disabled after 5 minutes since Cache spawn.


Ticket bleed has been added back to all AAS and RAAS gameplay layers. This should give back a little more incentive to push to the next enemy point.


Why it was removed?


In past ticket bleed was too powerful, and also was triggering on the central flags, resulting in King of the Hill style of gameplay, and also incentivizing players to rush from the start to the central objective that was providing a ticket bleed bonus. In the end, it led to the repetitive gameplay experience, rounds were played in almost exactly the same way, which clearly wasn’t our goal & intention.

In addition, ticket bleed was not a very transparent mechanic, as it didn’t have any UI representation. We are reintroducing ticket bleed mechanics into AAS/RAAS game modes, with improvements, based on our previous experience:



  • Ticket bleed indication was added into UI.
  • The enemy team will start bleeding tickets if you will successfully capture at least one objective on the enemy side of the flag lattice. For each objective on the enemy part of the map, controlled by your team, the enemy will lose 1 ticket per minute.
  • On map layers with an odd number of objectives, central objectives are considered a middle ground, and therefore do not trigger ticket bleed, to avoid causing King of the Hill fight for it. On such layers, your team will need to capture at least one more flag past central, for the enemy to start bleeding tickets.
  • For map layers with even number of objectives, your team will need to capture more than half of them to trigger ticket bleed on the enemy team.
  • In the case of “double-neutral” stalemate situation, all ticket bleed mechanics will be paused until the stalemate is resolved.
  • A12 mercy bleed has not changed in A13: if one team manages to successfully capture all flags on the map, the opposing team will suffer a catastrophic ticket bleed of 60 tickets per minute to bring about the end of the round more quickly.


The Fog of War has been added to all RAAS layers. Under the Fog of War, the first Capture Point is known and the next point is revealed once your team has fully captured the current objective. We believe this should help mechanically increase variability in gameplay, especially at the beginning of a round, as well as help differentiate between Random AAS and standard AAS.


Additionally, Random AAS now has Lanes added to all RAAS_V1 Map Layers. RAAS Lanes break up the Capture Zones into 2 or 3 lanes per layer. Each Lane will have 5 to 8 Capture Zone groups. Each Capture Zone group still has only 1 CP selected per round out of a potential up to 5 Capture Zones.


In A12 we have layers with Capture Zones that can be quite distant across the map, which can cause transportation problems and extended round times. RAAS Lanes will help group up the flow of each Capture Zone to be relatively close to each other, allowing a more natural flow to gameplay.


  • Capture Zones capture tickets changed to +20 / -20 ticket gain/loss. (+10 tickets for the first-time capture.)
  • Added new Skirmish layers for Belaya, Basrah & Mestia.



Added the ability for Squad Leaders to place rally points remotely next to other Squad’s Rally Points. This request is only available when the Squad Leader is dead. This is intended to allow Squads to have the flexibility to reinforce friendly Squads separate to FOBs. This is experimental.


When a player is sent to incapacitated state, they will now not be put into the Insta-death state if they reach 0 HP within a certain time of being revived. Previously (Alpha 12), if an incapacitated player was revived, then sent to 0 HP within one minute of being revived, they were sent to the Death screen with no chance of reviving. In Alpha 13, players can now be revived regardless of the duration since the last revival.


We noticed this Insta-death mechanic was a very common occurrence and distracted players from the gameplay flow. As a result, we have decided to change the mechanic with the goal of creating a more enjoyable experience that is not overpowering. We believe the abundance of area effect weapons, limiting bandages from non-Medic kits, as well as the penalties and low health resulting from reviving from an incapacitated state will prevent the changes from having an adverse effect.


We hope this new change has a positive effect on game flow and proximity-based teamwork within squads, as well as the team at large.


  • Increased non-ADS standing movement speeds by 10%.
  • Adjusted 3P animation for movement speed.
  • Tweaked how ADS movement speeds work, so no matter which direction you go now you move at the same speed.
  • Shortened acceleration and deceleration speeds to make player movement a bit more responsive.
  • Increased visual ‘z-axis’ recoil animation, increasing the visual kick back towards the camera.
  • Increased Prone Sprint stamina cost from 16 to 24 – prone player can still quickly get into a ditch or cover, but cannot be used to quickly traverse vast areas.
  • Decreased Player Bleed Rate from 0.5 HP per second to 0.3 HP per second. This will Increase the time to bleed out so the player has more time before death prior to bandaging


  • Medic and Light Anti-Tank roles now have an optics variant available.
  • Grenadier role now has an optic.
  • Medic role now receives 9 bandages, increased from 8.
  • Non-Optics Riflemen, Medics & Light Anti Tank now have Binoculars.


  • US HAT Primary – M4 M68, 1x M136-AT4, 1x M72A7, 1x M67-Frag
  • US HAT Alternate – M4A1 Foregrip Irons, 1x AT4, 1x M72A7
  • GB HAT Primary – L85 Irons, 1x ILAW-AT4, 1x M72A7, 1x L109-Frag
  • GB HAT Alternate – L85 SUSAT, 1x ILAW-AT4, 1x M72A7
  • RU HAT Primary – AK74M Iron, 1x RPG7v2-Tandem, 1x RPG7v2-HEAT, 2x RPG7v2-Frag
  • RU HAT Alternate – AK74M 1P78, 1x RPG7v2-Tandem, 1x RPG7v2-HEAT
  • MIL HAT Primary – SKS, 1x RPG7-Tandem, 1x RPG7-HEAT, 2x RPG7-Frag
  • MIL HAT Alternate – SKS, 2x RPG29-PG29V
  • INS HAT Primary  – SKS, 1x RPG7-Tandem, 1x RPG7-HEAT, 2x RPG7-Frag
  • INS HAT Alternate – SKS, 2x RPG29-PG29V


  • US LAT Primary: M4 M150, 1x M72, 1x M18-Smoke
  • US LAT Secondary: M4 M68, 1x M72, 2x M67-Frag, 2x M18-Smoke, Binoculars
  • RU LAT Primary: AK-74M 1P78, 1x RPG-26, 1x RDG2-Smoke
  • RU LAT Secondary: AK-74M, 1x RPG7-HEAT, 2x RPG7-Frag, 2x RDG2-Smoke
  • GB LAT Primary: L85A2 ACOG, 1x M72, 1x L132-Smoke
  • GB LAT Secondary: L85A2 SUSAT, 1x M72, 1x L109-Frag, 2x L132-Smoke
  • Militia LAT Primary: AKS-74 1P29, 1x RPG-7 HEAT, 2x RPG-7 Frag, 1x RDG2-Smoke
  • Militia LAT Secondary: AK-74, 1x RPG-7 HEAT, 3x RPG-7 Frag, 2x RDG2-Smoke, Binoculars
  • Insurgent LAT Primary: SKS Optic, 1x RPG-7 HEAT, 2x RPG-7 Frag, 1x RDG2-Smoke
  • Insurgent LAT Secondary: Vz61, 2x RPG-7 HEAT, 2x RPG-7 Frag, 1x RDG2-Smoke, Binoculars


Specialist Roles

  • Heavy Anti-Tank (Iron Sights): max 1 per team. (Unlock @ 15 players.)
  • Heavy Anti-Tank (Optics): max 1 per team. (Unlock @ 20 players.)
  • Heavy Anti-Tank (Iron Sights) & Heavy AT (Optics) requires a squad of 3. (Max 1 per squad.)
  • Combat Engineer & Machine Gunner: max 2 per team. (1st unlock @ 15 players, 2nd unlock @ 20 players.)
  • Combat Engineer & Machine Gunner requires a squad of 3. (Max 2 per squad.)


Fire Support Roles

  • Marksman & Grenadier: max 4 per team. (1st unlock @ 5 players, 2nd unlock @ 15 players, 3rd unlock @ 25 players, 4th unlock @ 35 players.)
  • Light AT (Iron Sights): max 4 per team. (1st unlock @ 3 players, 2nd unlock @ 6 players, 3rd unlock @ 9 players, 4th unlock @ 12 players.)
  • Light AT (Optics): max 4 per team. (1st unlock @ 6 players, 2nd unlock @ 12 players, 3rd unlock @ 18 players, 4th unlock @ 24 players.)
  • Light AT (Iron Sights), Grenadier requires a squad of 3. (Max 1 per squad.)
  • Marksman requires a squad of 5. (Max 1 per squad.)
  • AR (Optics) & Light AT (Optics) requires a squad of 6. (Max 1 per squad.)
  • GB Marksman (L86) requires a squad of 6. (Max 1 per squad.)
  • GB Marksman (L129A1) requires a squad of 8. (Max 1 per squad / 2 per team – 1st unlock @ 20 players, 2nd unlock @ 30 players.)


Command Support Roles

  • Squad Leader (Optics) requires a squad of 2. (Max 1 per squad.)


Direct Combat Roles

  • Rifleman (Optics) requires a squad of 2. (Max 3 Rifleman Optics per squad.)
  • AR (Iron Sights) requires a squad of 3. (Max 1 per squad.)



  • Added the Vz61. Škorpion Machine Pistol. The Škorpion is a select-fire, straight blowback weapon that operates from a closed bolt for additional accuracy, while still maintaining a very high rate of fire. Its extremely compact nature (even with the extended wire stock) makes this machine pistol a favorite as a personal defense weapon for vehicle crews. This weapon will be issued to Militia and Insurgent crewmen, as well as the Insurgent LAT kit.
  • Added the M15 Anti-Tank Mine. The M-15 Anti-Tank blast mine is an American design originating in World War 2 and is activated via a mechanical pressure switch. When sufficient downward pressure is applied, it will activate the fuze and trigger detonation. Containing about 10.3kg of Composition B explosive, the M15 is capable inflicting mobility kills on heavy armor or dealing critical damage to lighter vehicles. This will be available to the US Army and British Combat Engineers.

Warrior hitting mine, losing tracks

  • Tweaked Anti-Tank mine damage. It now requires 1 Anti-Tank mine to destroy light vehicles outright like technicals and bikes. MATV and Logistics Trucks will be heavily damaged and have their wheels destroyed. APCs will take severe damage and have their wheels/tracks blown, while Tanks will have their tracks destroyed and moderate damage taken.
  • Increased Land Mines max deployed in world limit at one time to 10 (previously 3) per role.
  • Added an audible “trigger” sound and a slight detonation delay when a vehicle drives over the mine to provide better mine feedback to players. (Knowing is half the battle.)
  • Added the SA80 Bayonet for all British roles, replacing the placeholder M9 Bayonet.
  • Added varied set of Timed Explosives. Set with a 30-second fuse, these explosives are designed to destroy emplacements, deployables, and tech structures like HABs and FOB Radios. These explosives can also be used to sabotage vehicles by destroying tracks and wheels, destroy vehicle wrecks, as well as other planted explosives like Mines and IEDs. Explosives can be defused by your shovel before they explode. These explosives are available to Combat Engineers and Sappers.
  • Increased IED max deployed in world limit at one time to 5 (previously 3) per role.
  • Updated IEDs to now play a very audible chiptune ringtone before exploding.
  • Updated Phone detonators so they can no longer be triggered if there is no active IED in the field.
  • Increased random delay duration for IEDs from 2-4 to 3-6 seconds.
  • Land mines, explosives, and IEDs are no longer blocked from being deployed on other deployables.
  • Decoy rocks now cover a much larger area and no longer collide with mines and IEDs. You can use multiple rocks now to form a relatively inconspicuous rock pile hiding any IED or mines under it.
  • Tightened the deviation on the RPG-7 and RPG-7V2 rockets, making them more accurate at longer ranges.
  • Tweaked the 1p78 Optic reticle so the reticle is more usable against distant targets up to 400m.
  • Added a “Surrender” role-play kit that has no weapons, that can be requested via Ammo Crates and Vehicles. They have the ability to put their hands up with Right Mouse Button.
  • Added a unique animation and sound for when shovels are destroying a deployable or defusing explosives vs. building them.
  • Tweaked shovel destroy damage to be less effective than building
  • Shifted L85A2 iron-sights ADS position slightly further away from the camera.
  • Reduced minimum arming time on the 40mm UGL smoke grenades dramatically.
  • Increased smoke size of the 40mm UGL smoke grenades.
  • Reduced time to switch between primary weapon and loaded HE 40mm UGL by excluding the UGL loading & unloading animations from the process.





  • 3-man crew and carrying capacity for 4 riders for Militia and Insurgents.
  • T-62 fires armor penetrating sabot, high explosive anti-tank and fragmentation rounds, in addition to its coaxial 7.62x54mmR PKT machine gun. While this armament might not perform as well as its more modern counterparts, still do not underestimate its ability to deal death at range. The commander seat has access to a simple cupola mounted periscope with high magnification optics.



  • Anti-tank guided missile variant of the BRDM-2 scout car for Russian, Insurgent, and Militia forces.
  • Armed with five wire-guided ‘Konkurs’ missiles which can be fired in relatively quick succession, dealing a devastating amount of damage against heavy armor at range.
  • Vehicles strengths are mobility combined with its anti-tank firepower, making it a potent battlefield tool, weaknesses are its light armor, so it won’t fare well in head-on engagements against enemy Armor or AT Infantry.


  • Basically a TOW with wheels for US Forces.
  • The same level of mobility and armor as a conventional MATV.
  • Carries 5 spare TOW missiles.
  • Definitely packs a punch, but light on protection.


  • Changed the location of the Gunner camera to be on the rocket pod.
  • Added an angle indicator.
  • Added a very small amount of yaw adjustment.
  • Updated the gunner seat to always preserve the angle orientation of the rocket pod even if the gunner leaves the seat.
  • Reduced the minimum arming distance on the S5 rockets a very close range.


Our observations showed that standard APC of Russian Ground Forces currently had too low of a survivability rate in engagements with enemy armor. One reason we suspect is the lower level of armor and how that interacts armor penetration system works. Most of the time BTR have no chance to escape unexpected frontal engagement due to the fact that it suffers heavy damage on the engine due to the penetration of high caliber rounds to the engine.

  • Upgraded all BTR models with an engine protection plate, that should prevent it from suffering an instant mobility kill from frontal fire.
  • Reduced BTR-82A Spawn time from 12 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Increased Autocannon HE Splash damage & blast radius
  • Increased 30mm splash radius to 7.5 meters (from 5.5 meters).
  • Increased BTR82A / MTLB 30mm AP cannon damage output by 20%.
  • Increased the damage output of Russian 2A72 30mm autocannon, equipped on BTR-82A and MTLB 6MA by 20%. (250 to 300)
  • Increased the BTR82A/MTLB 30mm autocannon overheating time, which will allow a continuous fire to be outputted for up to 10 seconds. (Previously 5 seconds.)
  • These changes should increase the Russian Ground Forces offensive capabilities to help them to deal with the better-armored enemy counterparts like M1126s. But make no mistake, the BTR80 & BTR82A primary role is still transporting and supporting infantry and should only be engaging superior Infantry Fighting Vehicles like the US M2A3 as a last resort.
  • In a future update, we plan to add the proper IFV for the Russian Ground Forces, in the form of well known BMP family of vehicles.


  • Removed all main cannon overheating on the FV510.
  • Increased 120mm HEAT splash radius to 25 meters from 21 meters.
  • Increased 125mm HEAT splash radius to 21 meters from 17 meters.
  • Increased 125mm FRAG splash radius to 35 meters from 30 meters.
  • Decreased rate of fire of the FV510 coaxial machine gun.
  • Tweaked Insurgent Technical skins to use less conspicuous paint jobs. (No more “Shoot Me! Red”.)
  • Increased hull strength for Armored Technicals and Ural 375 ZSU by 25%.
  • Increased armor thickness by 33% on all open turret shields (including DshK shield) and Armored Technical armor making them more resistant to 7.62mm fire.
  • Added armored glass material to MATV, BRDM-2, BTR-80 and all open top turret windows making them resistant up to 7.62mm rounds.
  • Added turret turning sounds to all open top and closed armored turrets.
  • Updated Glass Material on all Trucks and Technicals to respond to gun-fire with the proper glass effect.
  • Added a camera-spring effect to the driver to help increase immersion.
  • Reverted back to the proper model of CROWS turret on the M1126 APCs
  • Added open-top turret and CROW MATV variants equipped with M240B.
  • Added M1126 APC variant equipped with CROW M240B.
  • Removed majority of post-processing color effects on all turret optics.
  • Added a no-penetration protection panel to the far side of all APC, IFV, and Tank engine components. This means you won’t be able to disable the engine in the rear by shooting the vehicle from the front and vice versa.
  • Increased the percentage which vehicle repair tools can repair engines from 50% to 100% for Light Vehicles, up to 80% for APCs or higher.
  • Updated all vehicle engines to absorb a large amount of damage after a projectile has penetrated through it.
  • Adjusted Environment Physmats for vehicle tires and tracks – sand, snow, dirt, grass, wet asphalt all have a less severe penalty for impeding driving


  • Updated HAB deployment rules specific to the Insurgent Faction. The Insurgent team can now build 2 separate HABs at each FOB Radio. This change gives the advantage of more plentiful spawn locations for Insurgents.
  • Increased mortar HE splash damage & range from 15m to 22m.
  • Improved mortar explosion effects on sand and snow.
  • Added ability to rotate deployables while in placement mode by holding the lean keys or the left and right arrow keys.
  • Updated deployables to have looser placement bounds, allowing items like razor wire can more easily connect without gaps.
  • Increased width of razor wire deployable to match that of the sandbags.
  • Tweaked visuals and look of the deployable Ladder, adding a metal variant for the US Army, British, and Russians.
  • Reworked the look of the Vehicle Repair Depot to provide a unique look for the Russians and Militia/Insurgents.
  • Added a running generator with audio to the Vehicle Repair Depot to lightly discourage players from camping.
  • Updated tracking on the Russian-style ATGMs (Kornet, Konkurs, Refleks) to be tighter.
  • Decreased deviation on the SPG-9 HEAT and Frag rockets.
  • Tightened the spiral trajectory on the Kornet ATGMs, making them easier to handle.
  • Increased the number of rounds you can fire from the ZU-23 before it overheats.
  • Increased interactable radius on emplacements to make them easier to enter.
  • Increased penetration power of TOW & Kornet ATGMs, to increase the effectiveness of those weapons against highly armored targets at certain angles of attack.



We have removed the Map Pinging feature that squadmates could use to send their Squad Leader a ping by right-clicking on the map. This feature was not the intended route we wanted for player communication and we did feel this was not the right approach for squad comms. We may re-evaluate this and try something different, such as limited use of enemy map markers for FTLs, for example.


The FTL markers will have their rangefinding function removed. We felt that this rangefinding feature became the most prominent reason why Squad Leaders were assigning Fireteams rather than their intended purpose.  (To organize the squad to use effective fire and maneuver tactics.) Often the squad leader would only assign one unit to a Fireteam (commonly the LAT/HAT/UGL/Marksman), and in fact, squadmates in those roles would ask/demand for them to be assigned that role without ever taking any leadership role responsibility.


This change will likely lessen the amount of long-range mobility kills on tracked vehicles, so armored vehicles will be encouraged to engage targets at longer ranges. Experienced LAT users with excellent eyeballing/map reading/binocular ranging skillsets will be encouraged due to this change. Teamwork within squads to triangulate positions of enemy armor with the help of recon/spotters should also become more prevalent with this change.


From our perspective, the main negative impact of removing the FTL rangefinder will be for the mortar operators. Mortar effectiveness increased with the FTL rangefinding feature in A12, but squad communication decreased. Mortars will still be quite deadly, however, even more so with the HE radius increased.


More effective use of the mortar will likely come when used in a small purposeful squad with the squad leader placing markers the SL Marker on targets. (The SL Marker still retains a rangefinder.) External Mortar Calc apps may still be used to be very effective at pinpoint target accuracy.


In a future update, we would like to implement additional functionality for the “Fire Mission: Mortar” request marker that a Squad Leader can place on the map. When occupying a Mortar Tube, all friendly “Fire Mission: Mortar” icons would show their bearing and range on the Mortar players compass. We also have a few other ideas to increase Mortar useability in lieu of the FTL Marker, which could include allowing Mortar Tube operators to place their own single “Fire Mission: Mortar” map marker, allowing them to gauge range even without requiring a marker from their squad leader.


Additionally, we would also like to add a rangefinder to a handheld binoculars item for the Squad Leader kit. This may be connected to other gameplay elements and may be subject to change.


  • Updated Squad Leader Order Marker so it can now be placed through windows and other tight spots using the T-Menu. If you have line-of-sight, you can place the marker. Previously, many static objects would block you from placing down the marker.
  • Added contextual interactable tooltips for interacting with deployables, vehicles, and emplacements. This is to promote identification of interactable objects in the game world.
  • Added a more detailed Vehicle Status widget to show which components are taking damage viewable by the driver.
  • Added a line that draws from yourself to the Squad Leader Order Marker on your map to better orientate yourself to the direction of the marker.
  • Added the ability to drop a “direction” line + arrow marker. This is intended to have many uses, such as illustrating movements of friendly or enemy forces, showing directions of approach for orders, etc.
  • Cleaned up a lot of server-side messaging so the normal player doesn’t see them as often.
  • Improved the look and functionality of the Vehicle Seat indicator to allow you to see the squad assignment and role of the player in that seat.
  • Tweaked the spawn select flow requiring fewer button presses and confirmations.
  • Updated all the map option/filter buttons into a consolidated drop-down menu to declutter the Deployment and Command Menus.
  • Added a notification for Players that attempt to spawn in with a role that has already been claimed – “Your previously selected role has become locked.”
  • Tweaked the look of the on-screen HUD chat.
  • Updated Team Select by removing the live soldier and replaced them with a high-resolution posed team image for each faction.
  • Added vehicle occupancy [+1] to name tags for players in vehicles.
  • Increased Point of Interest marker limit from 4 to 6.
  • Reverted Squad VOIP Text (in the bottom left) to be always green regardless of Fireteam.
  • Updated artwork of the magazine counter to look like banana magazines.
  • Added a tooltip to help players know what the controls are for loading and unloading supplies.



  • Updated Tallil Outskirts to v2. Changes mostly focused on increasing infantry survivability and the ability to move between flags. These changes include: adding more detail microvariations to terrain in open areas, adding villages along the river, adding fighting positions and tunnels at the Iraqi Destroyed Hangars, including more rocks and wadis, and adding a new air traffic control complex between the runways.
  • Added several “Medium”-sized RAAS, AAS, and Invasion layers. These layers to assist with populating servers (seeding) or to increase variety in map rotations.
  • Tweaked some flag names to make them more distinct.
  • Fixed flipped vehicles in Main Bases on Kokan.
  • Fixed some sharp landscape edges on the Lakay Ridge bypass road on Kohat.
  • Fixed foliage growing in places it shouldn’t be on all maps. (Compost will be used to grow tomatoes.)
  • Improved landscape blending, so rocks and roads should no longer appear black.
  • Updated Logar, Mestia, and Sumari to remove static Technical vehicle props and replaced them with different static props, to prevent confusion between actual drivable Technicals and static props.
  • Updated Gorodok tree trunks and some Kohat trees to prevent undesirable collisions. (Don’t you dare desire them again.)
  • Fixed bushes and crops from preventing player lean and ability to dig emplacements


  • Fixed exploit where all Open Turret Vehicles being able to rearm from FOBs and have infinite mags
  • Fixed Anti-Tank projectile not dealing damage if the shooting player dies before the projectile hits its target. In certain circumstances (when an AT player fully dies before the AT projectile hits its target), the AT projectile did no damage. This has been fixed and will now do damage even if the player was killed.
  • Fixed Mortar Bug. In certain circumstances (when a player leaves a mortar before the projectile lands), the mortar did no damage.
  • Fixed hidden Flag Capture UI while inside a Vehicle – this now correctly displays the Flag status
  • Fixed unable to vault temporarily after packing up your ammo bag.
  • Fixed pressing number 5 key results in changing your primary weapon fire mode instead of switching to your field dressing.
  • Fixed a bug where the SPG-9 needed to be ‘reloaded’ twice before it would be ready to fire.
  • Fixed the double mesh bug on the SPG-9.
  • Fixed zeroing on the SPG-9 fragmentation rocket.
  • Fixed US Crewmen soldiers having incorrect bullet impact effects.
  • Fixed mines being able to be placed so deep into some bridge statics that they disappear completely.
  • Fixed zeroing on the RPG7v2 Tandem and the RPG-29.
  • Fixed effect impacts on flesh and sandbags to make them more visible.
  • Optimized large smoke column effects on Tallil and Jensen’s Range.
  • Fixed grenade spoon ejections not being properly visible when you throw grenades.
  • Fixed Soviet Binoculars having sway while the other binoculars do not.
  • Fixed markers being set offset to the crosshair on all Binoculars.
  • Fixed Insurgent MTLB having green colored turret/wreck.
  • Fixed missing turning animations when using the phone detonator and vehicle repair tools.
  • Fixed “Kit Role Selected No Longer Available” notification spam when changing teams. When a selected kit role is unavailable, the kit will now default back to Rifleman Iron Sights and give that player the appropriate notification message.
  • Fixed clipping that occurs when using the Music Player.
  • Fixed open-top turrets not returning to origin during a reload.
  • Fixed rigging on the L85A2 AG36 ACOG rifle.
  • Fixed vehicle components like Engines and Ammo racks being damaged by melee or small caliber weapons.
  • Fixed Fireteam markers being seen from enemy Squad.
  • Fixed Emplaced Kornet having larger than normal bullet collisions, causing players to be very hard to shoot off.
  • Fixed Insurgent SL Crewman having wrong first person mesh.
  • Fixed vehicle occupants being counted towards HAB blocking mechanic.


Unfortunately, the Unreal Engine 4.21 upgrade changed the way localization is managed. As a consequence, a lot of the translations have been broken going into Alpha 13. Our plan to address this is to actually push a full localization pass to a later date in the year when we are much closer to full release and are locking down all the text that will need to be translated for the game.


RCON functionality for Linux server is temporarily non-functional in Alpha 13. This is a known issue and we’ll continue to work to resolve this. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Due to significant updates to our Unreal Engine implementation (4.16 -> 4.21) and modding framework, existing mods will need to be uninstalled. Mods will need to be recooked to ensure compatibility with Modding 2.0 — more information will be made available soon.


We may have a contender for our longest patch notes yet. Congratulations on making it to the end! Now get out there and get playing! We’ll see you on the battlefield, squaddies. Alpha 14 when?!

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  Arma 3 News- Arma 3 Server monetization
Posted by: iC-BOT - 13-09-2019, 02:25 AM - Forum: Amra 3 News - No Replies

Arma 3 Server monetization

Dear community,
Based on feedback from server operators we acknowledge that the costs connected with hosting a server can be prohibitive and thus rules out a lot of gamers/squads from being able to afford one, so we have subsequently agreed to allow limited monetization of Arma 3 servers.
Full set of rules may be found on
Please feel free to share your questions and feedback here in this thread or send us an email to [email protected].
We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions and answers and you can check it out here: FAQ.

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  Form submission: Suggestion / Feedback
Posted by: MilitaryPilot - 26-08-2019, 04:00 PM - Forum: Suggestion / Feedback - No Replies

How would you rate your overall experience with our community?: Very Good

How much friendly is our community?: Very Good

How much social is our community?: Very Good

How would you rate our Discord?: Very Good

How would you rate our Website?: Very Good

Would you recommend our community to other people?: Very Good

How satisfied are you with other members?: Very Good

What do you suggest in order to make our community better?: Expand the empire

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About us

Infinite-Clan is a free based friendly and fun community with members from all around the world. Our members gather everyday for fun, playing games, chat, chilling out etc.
You can also call us a multi-gaming community. We play some massive multiplayer hardcore fps games. We enforce strict rules that seek to promote co-operation, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for true teamwork! We have a zero tolerance policy against any form of disrespect, trolling or team-killing.
We are filling up day by day. If you are looking for fun and friendly community to join, you are at right place. You are welcome to join us.